Hello, I'm Yvette. For some reason, the humans here seem to think that I’m a bit of a diva. Sure, I like to have things MY way and I don’t really like other cats very much, but does that make me a diva? No, I’m just very... particular! I do like people, though, so that’s good news for you. I’m three years old, so I figure I’ve been around long enough that I have every right to be particular.
What I’m looking for in a home is one with humans and no cats. In return, I promise to allow you to give me lots of pets and cuddles and feed me delicious food. I think that it’s a pretty fair deal, don’t you?

If you’re looking for the perfect diva, errr, cat, then you found me. Now come meet me. Monday-Saturday, 12-4, Thursday, 6-8. 

P.S. Here’s a pic of me doing what I do best- cat napping. You can get it framed for your nightstand until we do our first photo session.