With his playful personality, Duke quickly went from stray to volunteer favorite.  He likes going for walks and rides in the car.  He is affectionate and especially loves having his hind quarters by his tail scratched. 

After over a year in the shelter, this sweet boy is currently at South Hills Pet Rescue receiving special training.  His trainer is happy with his progress and certain he will be a wonderful pet for the right person. 

Applicants should be a confident leader, willing to attend training sessions with Duke at his school in the South Hills. He needs to go to an adult only home with a quiet calm environment.  

It takes some time for Duke to trust people, but once he does, he will be your best buddy for life.   Duke loves his friend, Layla.  We would really like to see them adopted out together. 

Please call us at 412.672.8901 if you are interested and want to know more about this special guy!