Duppy came to us late Sept. 2018 as an emaciated, weak and broken dog. After several doctor’s appointments, special food, meds and a lot of TLC, a loving and playful boy has emerged. Duppy is 6 ½ years old and for six of those years he shared a home with Kujo. Their home life changed early in the summer of 2018 when an irresponsible caregiver confined them to a hoarder’s basement, feeding them very little or nothing at all.

 After not seeing them for several months, their owner realized Duppy needed immediate help and brought him to us. A few days later, a human officer also removed Kujo from the home. Being the more dominate of the two, Kujo was stronger and healthier and was adopted about a month after arriving.

These past four months Duppy’s physical issues have healed, but his trust issues remain. It turns out Duppy – all 75 pounds of him! – is a big chicken. He fears car horns, loud trucks, tree branches snapping in the wind, the clank of the dumpster lid and walking between our storage sheds. The list is pretty lengthly. But his biggest fear is trusting people. He seems to favor women over men and he takes a long time to warm up.

Duppy is worth the extra effort. Once you earn his trust, he is a friendly and loving companion. He is housebroken, playful and affectionate. He loves stuffed toys and just wants to be beside his ‘person.’

Duppy would do best in a home with no children and a fenced yard. He is extremely strong and can be tough to walk at times. He needs someone with the patience and understanding to help him overcome his fears. Duppy needs a home where he feels safe, secured and loved.


Please make an appointment if you want to meet Duppy.